Sunday, 21 May 2017

PharmaPreneurs_EMedStore - The Pharma IT Specialist

Team Pharma Literati is pleased to announce our readers an exclusive series on pharma entrepreneurship. In this series, we would present interviews of new-age entrepreneurs who chose the unique path of entrepreneurship. In this series, we present interview of Mr. Ahemad Abbas, Founder & CEO of EMedStore. 

"If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs".

EMedStore is a new online shop for pharmacy to receive payment online, display offers to all customers, to send automatic reminder for monthly medicines, patients can send prescriptions via app & many more to get in touch will all customers from anywhere all the time. Please see:

This Ahmedabad based venture is helping the pharmacists across the world to grow their businesses. We had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Ahemad Abbas, Founder and CEO of EMedStore.

1.  Brief our readers something about yourself.
The interest towards Healthcare has brought me to the field of Pharmacy. I have also done my Masters a in the field of International Business Specialization. To explore the Pharmaceutical field, I have done the PGDM in Pharmaceutical sales. Before jumping into own venture, I have worked with healthcare and IT sector for 5 year. Now I am focusing on simplifying the Pharma & healthcare sector by providing Innovative IT solutions.

2.  How did you choose the path of entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is the process of learning. Bringing the small idea into application - nurture and grow it with passion. One should have to be bold enough to accept the risk to taste the sweet fruits of Success. I have the idea and the strong desire to provide access online healthcare services to any patient from anywhere so I just applied it practically.

3.  EMedStore is really unique concept. Tell us about the inception of the venture?
EMedStore is the MNC with the small yet effective team members aiming to bring the solutions to the Pharmacies. Help them in growing their business in the era of digitization.

In the current scenario, when e-commerce market touches the mark of $38 billion in 2016, traditional Indian pharmacists are in danger. As an IT Pharma expert, I took it as a moral duty to device an innovative plan that would bring traditional pharmacists into the mainstream market.

4.  What impact do you think is being made by EMedStore?
It will gradually bring the smart solutions in the Retail Pharma Sector. Patients can easily get their medicines at the doorstep and can easily manage health records in digital format to access from anywhere by connecting patients to pharmacist & doctor.

Also pharma distributor can expand their business from local to global and streamline their pharma business online.

Our approach is to make technology so easy that everyone can use it without any hassle is the mantra on which EMedstore works.

5.  What challenges did you face establishing the brand EMedStore?
India is slowly moving towards digitalization yet it is bit difficult to make them (retail pharmacists) understand the benefits of EMedStore. For keeping it simple for the end user to understand, we have to go in depth in developing and coding part. As a startup, to build up a great team is big challenge also developing the product as per the expectations and do geography wise customization requires more efforts and dedication.

6.  How has been the journey with EMedStore so far?
We have accepted the challenge and win the title of Market leader of “Online Pharmacy Platform Provider in India.
The roads are not straight there are so many ups and down but we win the battle and successfully developed the 100+ apps in 8 countries with the innovative ideas and provide them the customized solutions to build their Brand name.

7.  What are the future plans for the same?
By staying in the same industry we would like to grow vertically and aiming to provide more Healthcare related solutions with the help of IT. We have 3 offices in India & Oman and in a short span of time will going to register the company and enter into the Ian & Saudi Arabia. So by the end of 2017 we will be having presence in more than 10 countries to deliver the Innovative IT solutions as per the country wise healthcare system.

8.  What in your opinion is the future of IT based products in pharmaceutical business place?
Pharmaceutical and IT sector are collaborating as IT provides the smart solution based on the Patients need, Geographical development, Pharmacies requirements etc. So many more products will come to simplify pharmaceutical business online.

9.  What makes you so energetic and passionate about the venture?
At 2:30 AM, I got a call from a couple based out in small town of India and they told me can you please tell me which is pain relief medicine out of these 3 tablets as doctor is not picking up the call now and my son is suffering from fracture pain.

So this is the scenario where online health services are lacking for such patients who can easily get rid of the situation if proper online health platforms are available and would like to work for the betterment of human health which make me so energetic and passionate about the venture by providing better platform to health service providers.

10. Would you recommend to the young students especially from pharma field to enter into the entrepreneurship?
We are living in the most exciting period in the history of pharmaceutical industry where option leads to new business.

All of those who have a new idea and have the risk taking ability should have to participate in the race rather than being a sheep do something better for the society and for your country.

11. What advice would you give them to prepare themselves for the future if anyone wishes to be an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

Do not afraid of being failed, afraid of not able to try. Keep an eye on your goal and Do your best.

12. Who has been inspirational for you as an individual in personal and professional life?
My father is my idol!! He always believed in me and inspired me to be the most renowned pharmacist rather than the richest one! 

Thanks Mr. Ahemad for your valuable time and all the best from Pharma Literati team.

Friday, 19 May 2017

1st Pharma Innovation Yatra 2017 at Enaltec Labs

1st Pharma Innovation Yatra reached Enaltec Labs on 18th May 2017. The team members from API research team and IPR team attended the session on Creative Thinking. 

After various pharma institutes and Management institute, the pharma literati team is pleased to announce this particular session.

To know more and have a session at your institute or company, please send an email to

Saturday, 13 May 2017

2nd International Conference on Innovations in Pharmaceutical Sciences: ICIPS-2017

The aim of the ICIPS-2017 is to provide a platform for Researchers, Scientists, Technocrats, Academicians and various categories of Pharmacists namely Industrial, Community, Clinical, Hospital, Regulatory etc., to exchange their latest innovative ideas and research findings in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The conference will boost excellent innovations in various facets of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Venue:              GuruNanak Institutions Technical Campus School of Pharmacy, Campus:                                                Ibrahimpatnam, R. R. District - 501 506, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Dates of Conference:                                        28th and 29th July 2017 
Pre conference:                                                 22nd July 2017  
Submission of Abstract & full length paper:        3rd July 2017 
Notification of Acceptance:                               11th July 2017 

Areas (Related Topics but not limited to):
·         Pharmaceutics/PharmaceuticalTechnology/Biopharmaceutics&Pharmacokinetis
·         Pharmaceutical Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry & Natural Products
·         Pharmacology / Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy /Pharmacovigilance / Community Pharmacy 
·         Pharmaceutical Management / Drug Regulatory Affairs & IPR       

·         Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Faculty training workshop on 'Teaching with animations'

Pharma Literati is proud to be a media partner for one day faculty training workshop on 'Teaching with animations'. The details for the same are as follows:

Organisers: MCE Society's Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune and APTI-MS (Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India - Maharashtra Branch);

Dates: 10th May  (The registrations are full); 13th May (Very few registrations left);

Venue: Allana College of Pharmacy, Azam Campus, Camp, Pune;

Faculty: Dr. Anwar Shaikh