Monday, 21 August 2017

Certificate course in Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights (CPIPR)

Pharma Literati Centre of Excellence of Pharma Education is pleased to announce its first offering. First of its kind of a course being delivered by the industry experts "Certificate Course in Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rights (CPIPR)". 

For whom?
  1. Pharmacy/ Chemistry/ Biosciences/ Life sciences/ Biotechnology/ Zoology/ Botany students in undergraduate/ post graduate / PhD/ Research fellows;
  2. Faculties form any of these streams;
  3. Industry professionals** from Pharma/ Biotechnology/ Life sciences;
  4. Anyone who is willing to make a career in R & D; Business development; International Business; Drug discovery; Generic drug development; Academic research; Regulatory affairs; Intellectual Property Rights and the like;
  5. Students willing to pursue higher studies in USA/Europe/ Canada/ Australia/ Russia/ Korea/ Japan/ other countries as PhD/ MBA/ MS/ Masters.
** Since this is a basic level course, it is designed for non-IPR professionals.

Significance of the course:
Life sciences is going through a transition phase with abundant activities in Research and Development arena. The increased focus to R & D in academia and industries has led to Intellectual Property Rights at the centerstage. The increase in patenting activities by the academia is a welcome sign for bridging the industry academia gap.

We at Pharma Literati are proud to be associated with many institutes in these activities and are on a mission called “Pharma Innovation Yatra, 2017”. As a part of these activities, we are proud to announce another effort to fill the vacuum which was observed in many institutes during this yatra by launching this course on IPR.

The upgraded syllabus of pharmacy at many institutes, universities includes IPR as a core subject or a part of the subject. However, the thorough understanding of the subject is needed considering its global nature. We believe the course would be a stepping stone in this long journey of Innovation.

1.    Specially designed basic level course for Patents and IPR;
2.    Customized for the pharmaceutical industry;
3.    Delivered by the faculty from the industry;
4.  This is an effort of bridging the industry - academia gap highlighting the significance of Intellectual Property Rights to the pharmacy professionals and students;

Course contents:
This course consists 6 different modules:
The pharmaceutical business
The module discusses the working of the pharmaceutical industry and the business models globally.
The pharmaceutical R & D
This module discusses the working of the R & D teams.
Intellectual Property Rights: Introduction
This module discusses various forms of Intellectual Property Rights.
IPR: With specific reference to pharma
This module discusses the patentability criteria with specific reference to pharmaceutical industry including various related terminologies.
IPR: Indian patent scenario
This module discussed the Indian patent scenario.
Patent commercialization and licensing
This module discusses the basics of patent licensing and commercialization of the invention.

Course duration:
3 months including the live lectures.

Course methodology:
·      The course consists of 6 different modules. The course contents would be available online in the PDF format.
·       Fortnightly, one module would be uploaded on the website and would be available to study. The students can also download the contents for the future reference.
·       For each module, there would be one session by course faculty.
·     The students have an option to be part of the WhatsApp group for discussion and solving the queries for the course.
·      At the end of the course, an online examination would be conducted. The examination would be based on the contents of the modules and the news items on the Pharma Literati blog. The questions would be multiple choice questions. Students need to subscribe or visit to the blog free of cost.
·       The successful students would receive the certificate at their address of correspondence.

Benefits of the course:
·     Certificate would be provided to the students completing the course successfully.
·     Alumni status of Pharma Literati’s centre of excellence of pharma education, providing free access to the events and all the competitions.
·       Interaction with the industry experts and their live experiences.
·       Assistance in patent filing for the inventions at the institutes.
·       Access to the events and programs of the partner institutes.
·       Discounts upto 35 % for the other courses of the centre of excellence.
·       Access to whatsapp group as member.

Course fees:
Fees for the students:     Rs. 6000 + 1080 (GST) = 7080 Rs.
For others:                       Rs. 8000 + 1440 (GST) = 9440 Rs.
Send an email to to know the mode of payment.

For discounts and free registrations, please write to us at


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